1.What are KNT Creations products made of ?

KNT Creations products made of high quality Fiber Reinforced Plastics ( FRP )

2.How strong are they?

Strong enough to handle normal everyday abuse. All products are tested for walkovers of up to 100 Kg or sometimes more.

3.What is the life span of KNT Creations products?

FRP used in this application will easily last 10 years or better.

4.Will they crack or freeze?

Products are designed with the correct amount of flexibility and rigidity to handle all climates. KNT Creations products carry a 10-year warranty.

5.Why do KNT Creations Rocks & Waterfalls look so real?

We use real rock to mold KNT Creations models. KNT Creations unique molding process will duplicate every nick, crack, or crevice on the real specimen. KNT Creations molding process gives the final product a three-dimensional, color variegated look. Our newly developed mineral rock process gives it more natural look.

6.How are they painted?

KNT Creations products are painted with special techniques. They are stained, not painted. The stain is actually absorbed into the skin of the products. painting is used only for touch-ups.

7.Will they fade?

KNT Creations products are finished with a UV resistant stain.

8.Can they be punctured?

Yes, but not easily. If a sharp object penetrates, the product can be repaired easily with KNT Creations available patch kit.

9.How much do they weigh?

KNT Creations rock products vary by model, weighing anywhere from 10 to 25kgs. They are light enough so that a normal person can lift them and change its position easily.

10.Can they be used in water?

Yes, the FRP is not biodegradable, will not deteriorate, and is safe for fish and plants.

11.Will they blow away?

When mulch, soil, or rock is put around the edge at least 1" deep, the wind will not get under the rock and "lift" it. Although we have never had a report of any of KNT Creations products blowing away, we suggest in high wind areas mounting the product slightly deeper (2") in soil and you can use stainless steel screws to hold the pieces in position.

12.Do they have fire Resistance?

KNT Creations products can be made with fire retardant resin systems, which will give a considerable fire resistance. But they are not full proof fire resistant. Normally manufactured product is not fire resistant.

13.Do they get in custom size or they have standard size?

KNT Creations have many products as standard designs, which will suit most of indoor or outdoor purpose. However KNT Creations products can be made of any custom made size & shape.

14.In which color they get?

Products are available in standard colors of granite, sandstone, beige, rust, yellow sandstone , moss. They can be any custom made color for large order quantities".

15.Where they can be used?

KNT Creations products are extensively used by theme parks, water parks, miniature golf clubs, exhibits companies, climbing wall companies, studios, film sets, pool companies, professional offices, hotels, indoor halls, medical clinics, residential buildings even in the terrace gardens.Artificial rocks are used to hide wells, septic, city sewer clean outs, utility boxes, motors, or can be used for landscaping & rock gardens

16.How Does KNT Creations Artificial FRP Rock Compare To Natural Rock?

The artificial rocks are comparative in price to natural rock however with real rock. You often need a crane to lift them. If you were to build a pond with liner/ cement there is the expense of dressing the edges and work is much hectic and time consuming. When building a water fall or cascade from natural rock using cement, the natural water flow is often unpredictable, however with KNT Creations waterfalls/ rocks you have the freedom to change your design to suit, with the minimum of effort and can be assured of a controlled water flow. Also when you join the natural rock together, one can easily find the joint of the cement, but with expertise of KNT Creations rocks/waterfalls it is hard to find the joints of the rocks.

17.How to install KNT Creations products?

Installation process is very simple for most of the products. Rocks & planters are just to be put where one finds it suitable.Ponds are to be installed in ground. Please contact us for details. For ready made waterfalls, all piping & plumbing is concealed in side the model. One has to just attach the suitable pump and cover that with small rock which comes with waterfall. For pump specification please contact us. For custom made rock walls, theming decorations, climbing walls, waterfalls & fountains please contact us for free consultation and quotations.

18.How KNT Creations products are packed for shipping?

Our products are packed with stretch wrap film and corrugated sheets. They are safely get transported in containers & trucks till destination if handheld correctly. However we do not claim responsibility for any damage due to miss handling or dropped heavily in transport.